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Medical Records Review Process

    Medical Records Review Advisory Board After an initial internal review and screening by our doctor-lawyers, our medical records review process usually involves a review of the medical records by one or more independent board certified physicians, registered nurses, or other medical professionals who assist our firm’s doctor-lawyers in evaluating claims. When medical malpractice or nursing home cases involve serious injury, they also usually involve complex medical issues that cross over one or more areas of medical specialization. For this reason, our firm will typically seek opinions from appropriate medical personnel who practice in the same or similar field of medicine that pertains to the subject matter of the client’s case.  As an example, in evaluating certain cases, we believe it to be beneficial to our clients to be able to get an immediate point of view from an experienced radiologist on a radiology case, an infectious disease physician on an infection case, a neurosurgeon on a neurosurgical case, and so on.